Dutch baby pancake


Although by name you would think this pancake has its origins somewhere in the Netherlands,  surprisingly or maybe not :), is a pancake invented in the USA, with German origins, derived from Pfannkuchen (“pancake”, in German). According to wikipedia, these pancakes first appeared sometime in 1900 in Seattle, Washington, in a restaurant called Manca`s Cafe. Although, as I said, these pancakes are of German origins, they are believed to have inherited the name “dutch” from one of the daughters of the owner, Victor Manca, who confused “deutsch” (german) with “dutch” .

Compared to a normal pancake, the dutch baby pancake is always baked in the oven,  thicker and usually for baking you need to use a cast iron or metal skillet – heat resistance in the oven.

The classic ingredients are flour, milk, sugar and eggs with a little vanilla or cinnamon, plus various toppings. It is an ideal pancake for breakfast, because it is much more consistent than a normal pancake and it is made  very quickly. It also has a spectacular component, because once it starts to bake, it will puff. 


(citeste toata reteta…)

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